15. Dec, 2015

Tissue paper and gloss medium with Inktense and free motion stitching

Mixed media fish -I have seen a lot of fabric journals on Pinterest so I decided that, even though this is a very busy time of year, I would set out to try some small scale techniques and record these in a fabric journal that I will assemble as I go. I started off with a tissue paper tracing of a fish from one of the popular adult colouring books. I outlined the fish in fine tipped marker and then painted with inktense pencils and blended the colours with water. I attached the tissue coloured image to some eco dyed fabric which hadn't come out quite as I'd hoped. It made a good background for this work. I put gloss medium (because I didnt have any matt at the time on the fabric and adhered the painting. Then I applied the gloss medium over the top of the image as well. I had only tried a small teabag painting pror to this so I was pretty much working by instinct. Although I would have preferred a mat finish at this stage, the gloss gave the impression of almost thin vinyl and gave a shine to the finished fish. Once the medium was dry I free motioned quilted, in black around the fish and emphasized his gills and eye etc. I quilted wriggly lines in variegated rayon thread in the background and added three brass rings as embellishment. This completed this half of the the signature for the journal.