15. Dec, 2015

Capturing items under tissue paper with fabric medium

I wanted to try something with fabric paper so I chose another "page for the journal (one half f a signature side and decided to give this a go.  I watered down standard white pva glue in the ration of 1:1.25 glue:water.  I spread this over the fabric using a wedge foam brush.  I draped some rayon threads on top half of the page and adhered some dried leaves in a simple arrangment on the bottom right.

I carefully placed the cut to size tissue over this so that these items were trapped between the fabric and tissue paper.  I then painted over the tissue with more watered down glue.  The tissue is quite fragile at this stage and it may be necessary to carefully ease out wrinkles.

I left this to dry over night and then embellished by freemotion quilting around the leaves and giving them veins in black and placing two rows of machine fly stitching at the bottom.  The stamp at the bottom left was added because I wanted to see how this medium would take stamps.  I wished I hadnt done this afterwards but it is OK.  I can live with it.

The give some vertical interest I added the textured yarn (left over from my ANZAC quilt) and applied with the plain white buttons.

I liked the oldie worlde, antique effect and the understatement of this page