25. May, 2018

Eco dying on Paper

If you follow my blog you will know I have been experimenting with eco prints on paper.  I do not know why it is so much easier to get prints on paper than on cotton as they are both cellulose fibres.  I placed some water colour paper, some parchment and som sketch book paper in a container with an iron mordant added.  I then took the papers out placed numerous leaves from the gingko and liquid amber tree in my yard on each paper and bundled them together. I placed a cardbooard wrap over the bundle and then steamed them in a roasting pan in the over for 90 minutes.  You can see more of these results on my blog page.  It was interesting that the most pronounced prints were achieved on the cheaper sketchbook paper - maybe there was less finish on that paper but I would have thought there would be little finish on the water colour paper.  I intend to make these into a mini reference hand made journal.  I willpost the finished journal on the blog once it is done