10. Apr, 2018

Still Experimenting with eco dying on Cotton

I was really impressed recently when I saw an eco dyed piece where the vegetable matter had been dispersed to create a definite pattern - in htis case the outline of a girls face. As Mandalas have been the source of my work this month for CST I decided to try and creat something similar in my experiments to get good eco dying on cotton. this cotton was soaked in soda ash and then boiled (for about an hour) in aluminium supphate (alum). It was then dipped and drtied twice in a 50% diluted mix of soy milk and water. The vegetable matter in this piece are silver dollar gum in the middle, oxalis (lime green leaves) dried eucalyptus , the left over pulp from making grape jelly (purple) and then sprinkled black walnut shavings around the outer edge. These were rolled in a newspaper bundle and steamed for about 2 hours and then left for 24 hours.