23. Mar, 2018

Eco Dying on Cotton

I have repeated this post from my blog. Silk is so expensive and I have lots of cotton so I am a determined little wench and I am working on a process to get the lovely leaf prints from eco dying onto cotton. This si my best success yet. It is on cotton that has been dipped and dried three times in soy milk and then in soda ash. The leavers were spread across the fabric and then the fabric was accordion pleated in newspaper before being bundled and steamed for a couple of hours in my old domestic steamer. The reddish bits are from my silver dollar gum tree that I planted just for this sort of purpose - it is still quite small. The darkish blobs are red cabbage so I don't know if they will be colour fast. The fabric has been washed but it still feels quite stiff. But this is exciting for me