1. Feb, 2017

Playing with Indigo and Shibori

I have finished the entry for the Australian Quilt challenge that has occupied my time for the past few weeks. Sol now it is time to play. I found this amazing group in Ngaruawahia called Cutting Edge Textiles and they were having an eco dye Saturday and for once i had Saturday off work so off i headed. I had always wanted to try dying with indigo but the technique and cost of indigo were a bit daunting. Not to be deterred, this group had it sussed. Here is my tie die bundle. It is an interesting process - You have to be careful to keep oxygen out of the vat so stirring the chemicals and placing and removing your fabric is a delicate operation. I also retried dying some cotton with vegetable matter but the results were somewhat disappointing. Cellulose material is much harder to get to take up colour than animal fibres - even with a mordant or pre treatment with soda ash. Still it was an interesting and enjoyable day.