Experiments in Eco dying

14. Jan, 2020

So when they were all put together this was the result. natural dyes always tone together to make a pleasing mismash of colour

14. Jan, 2020

Light imprints of blue cotinus and maple leaves on cotton with a weak iron blanket. This is the final block in the quilt

14. Jan, 2020

Cotton again and a range of plant material here. I do not have a photo of just the sample so here it is in the block. The round yellow shapes are double coreopsis flowers. I have planted more coreopsis this year to experiment more with their imprints. The brownish leaf to the right is an autumn flowering plum, there is a cotinus in the centre and some small japanese maple leaves just poking up at the bottom. These were all bundled and steamed steamed with a light iron blanket and then stitched around. Again I have used tiny seed beads as enhancements

13. Jan, 2020

Once again the only photo I seem to have is after the stitching was done. This is an Autumn print of flowering cherry leaves with a weak iron blanket. Again I simple used running stitch to stitch the outline and veins and tiny seed beads up the main midrib. Standard bundling and steaming.

12. Jan, 2020

Once again to fit the sample in the photo I have had to take the photo at right angles to how it appears in the quilt. I have outlined stitched each of the leaves and veins, including the less prominent veins on the right hand leaf. Just a simple running stitch and then a cluster of seed beads at the base where the stem attaches